Trevor Edmeades AGE 41 from South Ockendon ESSEX WARNING INDECENT IMAGES Trevor thought it was ok to send what he thought was a child indecent images of his penis and as you can see in the chat what he wanted to do to a child on the sting this guy tried so hard to lie to our interceptors but the thing is you can’t lie to the interceptors as they do a lot of behind the scenes homework to know that it is the guys that we meet or door knock as to no it is 1000% them he tried everything he could he even said should he would get his penis out to prove it was not his that was sent to the decoy but yet again there lies are crap in a police interview trevor is now on the sex offenders registers but still living just meters next to a child’s school


Author Peter Douglas from Morecambe thought he was talking to a 13 year old child he arranged twice to meet our decoy and came up with a story all the time why he could not meet so the decoy arranged to go to him and low and behold he did show up this guy gave the same old shit as a lot do that he had a nice car to try and impress the child he was told a lot like all the other guys the decoys age and that she/he is at school but these people do not cair at all this is why we are hear to stop them in their tracks to never meet a real child he is now on the sex offenders registers

This is Daniel Payne 23 from Romford Essex a really concerned mum reached out to us about Daniel who was grooming her 14 yr old daughter (HE KNEW HER AGE). Today we deployed with the mum who insisted she confront Daniel as to why he was sending absolute filthy messages to her daughter. Police attended promptly and Daniel was arrested. WELL DONE to mum she was in an emotional way and saved her daughter from this parasite, His mother and father stood by him the whole court case after he was not given bail at the police station and went to court the next day one of our interceptors went to the court case and was called all sorts of names by his mother and father and said that our interceptors had wrecked their son’s life not us love that’s your son ,we had over 100 messages from girls that he had sent sicking messages to ,but we bet it was not you lol watch this space there will be more on this one ,you can see hear in the chat logs he knows the girl’s age but just wants what he wants and that’s all

AUTHOR PETER DOUGLAS Peter did arrange to meet our decoy on a previous occasion and never showed up So we said the a 13yr old old decoy would come to him for the day he had the intent of taking her back to the bungalow where his father would be to engage in sexual activity /full sex but said on cam his father wouldn’t realise we were there,in the chat logs you can see he dose not give a shit that she is a child and even says he has a car he never had any car they all seem to try and impress children with cars ,he even talks about having a baby with the decoy at some stage in her life UPDATE CONVICTED Arthur Peter Douglas Thought he was meeting a 13 year old girl In ‪‎Morecambe‬ He has been convicted (1) 8 months suspended sentence for 2 years (2) SHPO 10 years (3) 10 years on the sex offenders register (4) £150 fine at £15 PCM to pay back To see the sting

‼️‼️‼️UPDATE‼️‼️‼️ Nicholas Baines from Loughton Sentenced to 16 months imprisonment today for arranging to meet a 13-year-old child at Westfield shopping centre and take her back to her house to have sexual contact and full intercourse you can read the chat log that Mr Bains thought he was having with a 13-year-old child warning this chat is vile,CHAT LOG FROM WHATSAPP

PERRY EDWARD NICHOLL FROM BRIXTON…19/03/2016 The team were at kfc brixton high street to intercept perry who thought he was meeting a 14yr old BOY who he was going to bugger and ply with wine perry who is a maintenance man at EATON HOUSE mixed school in clapham admits all and caves in when confronted with our evidence 53yr old perrys days of working at the catholic school are well and truly over bi sexual perry is now in police custody..updates will be posted as we get them..