We are a dedicated team of parents hunting paedophile’s and sexual predators across the uk and keeping our Children safe.

please go to our facebook page to find out more

You can also search a national database of UK & Ireland by inputting your home country within the search bar here:



8 thoughts on “About

  1. keep up the fantastic work !!! you are all a shining light for justice only wish the court system deemed these people as very very dangerous and dished out more severe sentences and not ever suspended sentences,
    don’t ever give up all of you are heroes!!!

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  2. I live in Brooklyn N.Y. and i watched your videos i have 2 daughters and i just wish you guys were out here in the states doing justice god bless you and keep up the good work.

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  3. Not gonna lie I think it’s the founder of this group I’m not too sure but the woman who is always recording and got her leg cut open on Christmas is fucking amazing 😂Honestly makes me laugh how they destroy these sick people 😂Keep it up people making this a better place for my kids to grow up in


  4. You should receive government funding for this truly amazing work,these scumbag perverts need putting away for life ,
    Keep up the work ,heroes!!!!!!!!!


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