AUTHOR PETER DOUGLAS Peter did arrange to meet our decoy on a previous occasion and never showed up So we said the a 13yr old old decoy would come to him for the day he had the intent of taking her back to the bungalow where his father would be to engage in sexual activity /full sex but said on cam his father wouldn’t realise we were there,in the chat logs you can see he dose not give a shit that she is a child and even says he has a car he never had any car they all seem to try and impress children with cars ,he even talks about having a baby with the decoy at some stage in her life UPDATE CONVICTED Arthur Peter Douglas Thought he was meeting a 13 year old girl In ‪‎Morecambe‬ He has been convicted (1) 8 months suspended sentence for 2 years (2) SHPO 10 years (3) 10 years on the sex offenders register (4) £150 fine at £15 PCM to pay back To see the sting


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