‼️‼️‼️UPDATE‼️‼️‼️ Nicholas Baines from Loughton Sentenced to 16 months imprisonment today for arranging to meet a 13-year-old child at Westfield shopping centre and take her back to her house to have sexual contact and full intercourse you can read the chat log that Mr Bains thought he was having with a 13-year-old child warning this chat is vile,THIS SCUMBAG KNEW WHAT HE WANTED ALL THAT SHIT ABOUT WHAT CARS/HOUSE BUSSINES HE HAD BULL SHIT THAT WAS ALL PART OF HIM GROOMING THIS DECOY/CHILD HE WAS TALKING TO ANOTHER 1 OF OUR DECOYS ,HE WANTED SEX WITH A CHILD HE IS CRYING NOW WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF HE HAD HAVE MET A REAL CHILD,HE PUTS ON THAT SORRY FACE LOAD OF BULL SHIT THAT IS,THIS IS THE START OF THE CHAT AND HE STARTED TALKING TO THE DECOY FIRST AND WITHIN MIN SHE TELLS HIM SHE IS ONLY 13 YEARS OLD HE DOSE NOT GIVE A SHIT AND MOVES HER OVER TO HIS PHONE WHY OH WHY DID YOU DO THAT SILLY SILLY BOY,We have left the decoy photo visibly so you guys can see that we do not use photo that may come across prerogative all our photos are historically photos,these men seek out children


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