ALAN POCOCK age 30 from Woolwich

Here we have ALAN POCOCK age 30 from Woolwich who had previously arranged to meet our 14yr old decoy for sex he failed to meet due to hurting his leg(he sent pic of injury)however he still continued to message our decoy with his vile filth what he wanted to do to her,so enough was enough we did more homework and found his address and also learned he has been in trouble for the same thing around 4 years ago to which the outcome is unknown he does admit this on the video,now some of you will say hang on he has Learning difficulties but that’s not for us to say,if you watch and listen to what he says you will understand he seems to be aware of what is going on well enough and has the capacity to use social media very well,he admits on camera to doing this before and judging by the paint all over the front door he has upset someone else at some point, so better off in the hands of the police we will update you further as soon as we have any confirmationsalan pocock


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